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Calling All Concessionaires! Are you selling an item or hiring staff?

We can help you every step of the way, whether you are selling equipment or if you need help staffing your operation. The sky is the limit! We are launching a classifieds section in NICA News, our monthly newsletter, and online to maximize views and make sure your need is met.

The base price of a classified ad is $25 per issue, with the ability to add additional verbiage, pictures, and more for a small additional fee. We can work with you to give you the best possible exposure to our membership.

Interested? Email or call (813) 530-4750 to set up your ad or to learn more!

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Fresh Fruit Smoothie Concessions Business for Sale: High Profit & Easy

Fruiti N Exotica is a fresh fruit smoothie business for sale. Complete with a fully certified Concessions trailer. Business has been a part of the Kern County Fair for well over 20 years. Net profit for 12 days work averages $15,000. High profit! Easy to run! This is the perfect business for the seasoned Concessionaire or for the newbie entrepreneur.

The Concessions trailer includes two generators (propane) capable for operating the business anywhere. It also includes a three compartment sink, hand sink, prep counter and sink, two huge freezers, one huge refrigerator, and LOTS of storage area. The trailer sold for $55,000 new in 2007.

Sale of business includes all assets, including tables, blenders, cash registers, signage, tents, etc. and existing inventory of specialty cups ($1,200 plus).

Business is easy to operate and can often be ran at events with as little as two people (up to four during peak business). Business is high profit—recipes consist of fruit, juice, and ice. Summaries for itemization of costs and profits are available upon request.

This business nets over $10,000 every year for 12 days work and often times much more. Contact me and I’ll provide you with a complete financial history.

What we as the owners are willing to do for you... If you are serious, we will travel to the Bakersfield area and show you the trailer which is presently in storage. Additionally, if we make a deal, I will come to the Kern County event and assist you in setting up the site at the event and train you as the new owner(s).

Price is $40,000 with flexible terms, open to discussion. Please contact Steve at (805) 570-9125 or


2005 United Concession Trailer For Sale

Shell purchased in 2005; completed and put into service in 2010. Features:

  • Wide body 8’6”, with extra tall ceilings; was built with the idea to be very suitable to change
  • 7500 lb. axles with bearing buddies, spare tire, electric brakes
  • 2 corner signs, other hanging signs if needed, 3 lock down awnings with gas suspension, with extra rod supports for super stability
  • Rear door with screen and back diamond plated porch, high capacity double-sided regulator, with easy switch over
  • Commercial three compartment sinks, hand washing sink
  • Super-duty hood fan and extra deep hood; great exhausting
  • 3 top of the line, energy efficient Pitco 185 btu 85 lb. capacity fryers, which maintain temperature even with frozen products and use less fuel than any other on the market
  • 35 lb. capacity Pitco fryer for crunch time availability
  • 20 gallon water heater
  • Fountain drink dispenser and extra 2 head server for added flavors
  • Designed with lots of storage capacity and counter space
  • Commercial upright freezer
  • Full vinyl skirting

Maintained and kept clean impeccably from top to bottom. Great money-making opportunity at a fair price—$35,000 complete. Sale reason: only used a few times a year and I also have two others, so it is becoming a challenge for us to operate. Only serious inquiries PLEASE. Call Denis at (616) 690-0876.

Premier Frozen Drink Business Opportunity

Coco Bongos is a unique frozen drink business vending in a variety of venues. We serve a selection of very high quality frozen beverages in an assortment of collectible cups. Coco Bongos LLC Daytona Beach, Florida started in 1994. We, Alyson and Chris Englert, have had an operating license with Coco Bongos for the State of New York since 2006. Our licensing agreement is unique in the fact that Coco Bongos LLC does not typically issue licensing agreements for entire states. We have been operating and still growing our business for the last 13 years in upstate New York (Syracuse and West). We have created a unique opportunity for someone interested in operating their own business in the densely populated area of Eastern New York.

You can check us out at Several of our four vending units are featured on our Coco Bongos corporate home website.

We would love to talk with anyone interested in building a profitable future owning their own business. You can start the conversation by emailing us at



Attention Fairs! Do You Need Our Help?

Is your Fair in search of the next big thing, a unique item, or even need some all-around help for your fair in the realm of concessions, commercial exhibits, or straight sales? We can help! We are launching a classifieds section in upcoming issues of NICA News, our monthly newsletter, to draw attention to Fair needs. We would also replicate the listings online to maximize views.

The best part? These ads are absolutely free (for a limited time)!

We want to provide an excellent resource to both sides of the industry; your free ad has a limit of 50 words and a color picture of your logo. We can work with you to give you the best possible exposure to our membership.

Interested? Email or call (813) 530-4750 to set up your ad or to learn more!

Download 2019 Classified Ad Order Form

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