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NICA Code of Ethics

All NICA Directors are required to sign the NICA Code of Ethics annually, and we encourage the NICA Membership to review and apply this code to their own businesses where it applies. To download the current NICA Code of Ethics, please click the following link:

NICA Code of Ethics

1. I will endeavor to maintain dignity of manner in both my own and my staff’s behavior, in the presentation of our services, in our appearance and that of my place of business and in all form of public contact.

2. I will observe the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all business transactions, avoiding the use of false, confusing, inaccurate and misleading terms, descriptions and claims.

3. I will at all times endeavor to provide services of quality and durability, striving to provide the best possible services, so that the standards of NICA are maintained in the highest esteem.

4. I will display a friendly spirit of cooperation to my fellow members and assist them professionally whenever possible should they require my counsel.

5. I will at all times avoid the use of unfair competitive practices as determined by any court of competent jurisdiction, including government agencies.

6. I will assist my fellow members, share new knowledge with them, and encourage them individually and collectively to achieve and maintain the highest standards for our industry.

7. I will recognize the authority of this association in all matters related to its functions and its interpretation of the CODE.

8. I believe that each individual who benefits from the NICA organization has an obligation to work for its improvement, and he or she likewise has an obligation to refrain from any action that would reduce or restrict the most effective operation of this organization.

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