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NICA Membership Contest Official Rules

Gift of Travel Package (valued at $2000)

A drawing will be held for all renewal members who have paid their dues in 2020.

$500 Cash

For every new/former member referred, the recruiting member will receive 1 chance to win the $500.

$500 Cash (NICA National Leadership)

The Winner of the NICA National Leadership contest will receive $500 cash and is eligible to win any of the above-mentioned prizes.

$100 Gift Card & Free Membership

The most New Members brought into NICA in one year will be rewarded with a $100 gift card and a year's free membership.

All new and former members’ applications must be submitted to the NICA office within 30 days of receipt in order to be eligible for the contest.

The next drawing will be held in Tampa, Florida in February 2021.

Membership Contest Leaderboard*

General Membership

Jennifer Giordano, CCE: 2
Dennis Larson: 1
Marcy Poorman: 1
James Pope: 1
Wayne Smith: 1
Lee Stevens: 1


Gentry Miller: 3
Tom Hodson, CCE: 2
Brandy Arredondo: 1
Lindsey Constantine: 1
Kara Moederndorfer: 1
Kelly Myers: 1
Ryann Newman: 1
Erica Quintero: 1
Jay Wells: 1

Board of Directors

Jacqueline Bradbury: 5
Don Delahoyde, CCE: 2
Daryl Whicheloe, CCE: 2
Kim Barr, CCE: 1
Andrew “Bruno” Broomfield: 1
Sandy Class, CCE: 1
Vincent Nelson, CCE: 1
Kathy Ross, CCE: 1
Jeff Thornberry. CCE: 1

*As of 6/30/2020

Winners of the 2020 Contest

$100 Gift Card & Free Membership

Dennis Larson, Minnesota State Fair (Retired)

$500 Membership Prize

Dennis Larson, Minnesota State Fair (Retired)

$500 National Leadership Prize

Dan Lusenhop, Jeanne's Artichokes

Carnival Cruise Grand Prize

Jeff Horbowicz, Erie County Fair

Winners of the 2019 Contest

$500 Membership Prize

Horscht Schacht, German Specialty Food

$500 National Leadership Prize

Kim Barr, CCE, Pacific Crest Concessions

Carnival Cruise Grand Prize

Rick Busse, CCE, Dr. Vegetable

Winners of the 2018 Contest

$500 Membership Prize

Kelly Sanders, Sanders Concessions

$500 National Leadership Prize

Jay Wells, Wells Concessions

Carnival Cruise Grand Prize

Lola Ramirez, J.L.Q. Concessions

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