Membership Fees

Independent Concessionaire

Voting memberships available to any person who is an Independent Concessionaire.

Regular Member
Additional Member
Employee (Non-Voting)
Retired (Non-Voting)




A person or entity who provides services to the concession industry.

Fair or Festival (Over 75,000 Attendance)
Fair or Festival (Under 75,000 Attendance)
Fair Association
Manufacturer / Distributor / Supplier
Carnival / Circus Operator
Special Services



Special Memberships

Join with these special options and save!

5-Year Regular Membership



Pay for five years up front and save $50!

Concession Business / Group Membership



Includes five memberships in one (a $350 Value):

  • One Independent Concessionaire (RM)
  • One Additional Member (ADM)
  • Three Emplotee Members (EM)

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