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Announcing the NICA Sysco Marketplace's New Partnership with Entegra: If You Are Not Already Enrolled, Join Today!

If you are enrolled in the NICA Sysco Marketplace, you may have received the following notice via email from Source1 Purchasing: "We regret to inform you that effective April 5, 2022, you will no longer be tied to the Source1 program." This is due to our exciting NEW partnership with Entegra Procurement, the world’s largest food group purchasing organization with over $24B in purchasing power.

Under your prior relationship with Source1 Purchasing through NICA, this program was always powered by Entegra. As a result of moving directly to Entegra, we have maximized incredible savings, unmatched supply chain efficiencies, and tailored business solutions that will be available directly to you.

Continue to order just as you have with the same support and points of contact through Sysco Foodservices. There will be no changes or disruption in your current account status or deliveries from Sysco as a result of this change. If you are not yet a member of the NICA Sysco Marketplace, NICA and Entegra are working together to bring you an easy enrollment process directly from the NICA website.

We look forward to serving you without interruption to your day-to-day operations. With direct access to the Entegra program, you will not only continue to save on food and beverage purchases, but on all essential purchases and programs to meet your business needs and performance goals.

Some things are changing–Your savings won’t!

With Entegra you have:

  • Continued savings on all purchases across your business
  • 24/7 purchasing data and insights through Savings Optimizer tools
  • Complete access to a broader range of providers such as equipment, small wares, and more
  • Enhanced support through Entegra’s Call Center

How Do I Join the NICA Sysco Marketplace?

To get started, fill out the form below and a member of Entegra's team will contact you. You can also contact Entegra's call center directly at 866-ENTEGRA (368-3472) to sign up via phone. In addition, Entegra will be reaching out to existing members to update information in order to pay the much deserved and needed rebates that will be generated as a result of your future purchases.

We are also proud to announce that Entegra has committed to participate in the upcoming NICA Marketplace event, November 7-9, 2022, at the Tuscany Suites and Casino in Las Vegas. Save the date now! 

NICA, Sysco, and Entegra will be boosting performance together in no time. “Together We Can!”

NICA / Entegra Vendor Fact Sheets

To be connected to any vendor listed below, each sheet contains a form to request information. Simply complete the form and a representative will contact your account directly to our national program and pricing. This is only a sample of key vendors, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact Entegra at 866-ENTEGRA (368-3472) and just ask!

Entegra National & Regional Savings Program
Gallery Carts
Home Depot Pro
Office Depot
Shoes for Crews
Smart Care
Snak Club
United Rentals

NICA Sysco Marketplace / Entegra Sign Up Form

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