2019 First Timer's Convention Scholarship

Have you always wanted to attend the IAFE and/or WFA Conventions but just haven’t committed to it? Whether it be because of expense, timing or any other reason, NICA is here to help get you there!

It is with much excitement that we share a new Scholarship Opportunity to NICA Members! Up to five current NICA Members will receive $500 towards travel expenses to attend the IAFE or WFA Convention. Below is the criteria and obligations required for each Convention.

Awardees will receive $500 towards travel expenses (transportation and hotel) and basic attendee registration covered by the Organization hosting the Convention selected.

NICA Criteria

  • Must be a first time attendee to the Convention.
  • Must be a current NICA Member (annual dues must be satisfied if due)
  • Winner of Scholarship must submit proof of registration for desired convention.
  • Must be available to assist NICA and/or Convention host during the Convention.
  • Must submit an article of Convention experience to NICA News.
  • Must be currently active in the Outdoor Amusement Industry.
  • Must be referred by current NICA Member.

IAFE Criteria

  • Must be a current IAFE Member at the time of the NICA Scholarship application.

WFA Criteria

  • Volunteer for WFA at WFA Convention.
  • Participate in post-Convention interview.

When is the deadline? 

The deadline is October 15th for the IAFE Convention and November 15th for the WFA Convention.