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NICA's 2020 Board of Directors Election Nominees

It's that time of year again! Three nominees have been selected for the 2020 Board of Directors Election: Phillip DelahoydeKelly Grout, and Vincent Nelson, CCE. Take a look at the latest issue of NICA News for the Nominees' introductory statements. Ballots will be sent out on July 15th to Voting Members.

If you have had a change in address or will be at a different location from now to August, please login to your Online Member Account to change your information, or contact us at (813) 438-8926 or All votes must be sent in no later than September 30, 2020. Good luck to all candidates!

Phillip Delahoyde

I am the owner of Extreme Food and Beverage and I live in Ukiah, a small town in Northern California. I was born and raised there, and I grew up working in my father’s Concession and Catering company. It is what I have done my entire life. My wife and I currently have 12 trailers and serve a variety of menus. We play about 40 events in California and Oregon as well as a having the on-site contract for the Marin Center for the Performing Arts near San Francisco. I have been married for ten years to my wife Ania; three months ago, we had our first child Zoe and are having all the new experiences of having and working with a baby. If elected, I will work hard with the Board and Councils to meet the needs of the NICA Membership. “Together We Can!”

Kelly Grout

I have been in the Fair Industry for thirty-five years. One thing that I have learned over the years is that we all communicate and that is what NICA is all about: communication. I served on the Northeast Council for four years, where I participated in fundraising events, conventions and workshops. I joined the Board of Directors this past year and being on the Board has taught me that it’s extremely important to listen to all of the members of NICA and get their opinions for not only the Fairs, but also the Industry by communicating with all the organizations such as IAFE, OABA, WFA, etc. That’s why it’s “Together We Can!” As a Board member, I will continue to not only help grow the NICA Membership, but to also urge more of the members to use the benefits package we offer, as I have found that not many know about it and know how they work to save us all money, especially during these unprecedented times. “Together We Can Get Through This!”

I have a high regard for NICA. I am honored to be on the Board of Directors and I hope that I will be fortunate to be re-elected so I can continue to do my part in endorsing NICA and everything it stands for.

Vincent Nelson, CCE

I’m a third generation Concessionaire and have been on the road my entire life. I started helping my parents when I was around 12 years old and I knew from a young age I wanted to have a pizza trailer. In 2001, I purchased our first pizza trailer and it has grown from there. With the help of my wife Linda by my side, we have grown our business to eight Concession stands. We operate most weeks in the Northeast from April to November. My two children Gabriella, 13, and Vincent, 9, are showing interest and helping as much as they can. Some day soon they will be behind the counters helping Linda and me run our business.

I have served as Council member for the past four years and a Board Director for the past two and a half years. I currently serve as the Secretary of NICA as well. I have learned a lot about myself, my business, and the members of NICA. Serving on the Board of Directors has helped me in many ways. It has made me a better leader, not only in my Concession business, but I now also serve on my local Town Board. Serving on the NICA Board has prepared me for serving on the Town Board as a Council member. I love the Fair Industry. I have built friendships with Fairs, Festivals and lots of NICA members and non-NICA members. Today I’m concerned for all of us with the cancellation of events due to COVID-19. We will come back, hopefully this season, stronger then ever.

If elected, I will continue to work hard for NICA as well as all of its members. #TogetherWeCan

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