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2020 NICA Board of Directors Nominations

NICA is currently accepting nominations for next year’s Board of Directors. Joining NICA’s Board offers many opportunities to have your voice heard, connect with other professionals in the Fair industry, and to further the cause of NICA. If you need more information, please call (813) 438-8926 or email us today!

Nominations must be received in the NICA Office no later than May 25th, 2020 to qualify. 

    1. What is the single most important challenge facing Concessionaires today?
    2. As a Board Member, how would you help overcome this challenge?
    3. Where do you see NICA in five years?
    4. What would you plan to help NICA get there?

You must email, mail, or fax all nomination materials listed above to the NICA office at 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511, via fax to (813) 803-8460, or via email to

*Required signatures may be gathered either in person, by email, or by fax; due to the differing methods involved, additional signature sheets will be accepted.

Download the Election Nomination Form & Statement of Commitment below:

Election Nomination Form

Statement of Commitment

NICA's 2019 Election Results

This year’s election has been a very exciting race, with nominees vying for the three open spots on next year’s Board of Directors. Each newly elected Board Member will start their term beginning in February 2020. We thank all Voting Members and Board Nominees for their participation in this year’s election! The Director Elects are Vince Agnifili, CCE, CFE, Jacqueline Bradbury, and Lee Stevens.

Vince Agnifili, CCE, CFE

“Adaptation may well be the best catch word to define today’s challenges facing Concessionaires. Concessionaires are having to adapt to changing government regulations and compliance demands, personnel issues, competition from online sources, decreasing margins, market uncertainty, rising expenses, management changes, and the ever present threat of the X-factor... adapting to adverse weather conditions.

My background as both a Concessionaire and as a Fair CEO provides me with a unique perspective, as I am sensitive to the challenges that each group faces. We should work collaboratively, Fairs, Festivals, Special Events, and Concessionaires, to insure the future success of each other. Since all groups face almost exactly the same challenges we should take a new approach to addressing how we can adapt, overcome, and thrive as business partners. I firmly believe we should examine how we can increase attendance at events, while controlling the costs for the event’s customer, which includes both the attendee and the Concessionaire. Education of Concessionaires and Fair decision makers is a critical component to this process and more needs to be available in this area.

Based upon historical trends, NICA’s relationships with the Industry, advocacy, programming, benefits and membership will continue to grow and flourish. NICA will continue to work in concert with related associations such as IAFE, OABA, and WFA to achieve its stated mission: Dedicated to strengthening relationships with the Fair, Festival and Special Events Industries through effective communication, education, benefits, leadership, and solutions. Looking for solutions from a collaborative perspective has the potential to yield valuable action steps for stakeholders to improve Industry practices. I believe that I can bring that unique perspective to the NICA Boardroom. ‘Together We Can’ achieve the mission!”

Jacqueline Bradbury

“In this complex world we are faced with more than one challenge; three come to mind : the scarcity of temporary labor and H-2B concerns that put our businesses in jeopardy, new Fair Managers that do not know the Fair business, and exclusive sponsorships for which the Concessionaire and Fair Guest pay.

The only way challenges are overcome is through communication, education, and action. I will help build more Communication Committees, invite Fair Managers and Supervisors to visit more Fairs, and encourage all of us to continue attending roundtables, workshops, and conventions so we can better understand concerns from many viewpoints and find mutually beneficial solutions that we put into action.

In the next five years, I believe that NICA will continue to gain New Members, collaborate with Fairs, provide benefits that improve our bottom lines, be a bigger part of the Industry, and accomplish something that no one has even thought about today.

To get us there, I will plan membership drives, be open to new ideas, not fix what is not broken, listen to members, be able to answer questions about NICA programs, and work as a team where ‘Together We Can’ be a bigger voice in the Industry!”

Lee Stevens

“I am honored to have this opportunity and I shall do my best to uphold the goals set forth in NICA’s mission statement. I feel that a major challenge facing our Industry, although there are several, is the aging out of many Concessionaires over the last few years and the hard and difficult time they have trying to sell or hand down their business that they have built up for many years.

To overcome this challenge, I will continue a dialog with Fairs and Committees to engage in an open discussion about the way or ways that they would and could be comfortable with a new ownership of an ongoing operation and ensuring that all parties agree that the business remains at least the same or improved upon.

I think that in five years, NICA will be more visible on the midways around the country. We will get there with the influx of new and younger members in NICA. We have the chance to educate them and have them get excited about being an active member. I see more get togethers and open discussions at our different events, and continuing our membership drive throughout my term. ‘Together We Can!’

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