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NICA Sysco Marketplace Savings Tool

We invite you to use our newly updated NICA Sysco Marketplace Savings Tool. NICA, Sysco, and Entegra are committed to your success and believe that utilizing this tool will drive savings and increased profits for your business. We have matched similar items that would offer savings. The suggested items are exact matches or very close alternatives and any that are not considered exact will have explanations to the far right. To start, sort to the Sysco distribution house you will be purchasing from and see the common items that are being purchased at that house.

How Does it Work?

  1. Sort to your distribution house in column “A”
  2. See current items being purchased in columns “B-F”
  3. See suggested alternative columns “J-N”
  4. Decide if this is a fit for you and update order guide to reflect new item
  5. Enjoy savings!

If you know that you will be attending a certain event, look ahead and see the items you may already be buying and make adjustments. This is a great way to take advantage of additional values available to you. Because we only look at valid, actionable conversions, there may not be a savings opportunity for every item. Although only in stock items are considered, you should always confirm availability through your local Sysco Representative. You should also make them aware of any item changes so inventories may be adjusted.

Entegra will update this tool monthly to reflect the most recent purchases by Concessionaires. Keep checking back for more updates!

Last Updated 5/10/24


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