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NICA and Pepsi have joined forces to bring special pricing on their beverage products to all NICA Members. Every food vendor is eligible to sign up after joining NICA with the online or paper National Account Program application, and their account will be renewed each year with their membership. The application, along with a W-9, must be submitted online, emailed, or faxed to NICA to sign up. This process may take from 4-6 weeks to activate your account after NICA sends your information to Pepsi. Once activated, members are eligible for the Pepsi rebate program. The current pricing is as follows:

2024 Pepsi Pricing

Pepsi also offers a rebate plan to the holders of a Pepsi National Account card. In order to take advantage of the $.65 per gallon rebate, you must buy Pepsi products with your unique Pepsi National Account number. If eligible, you will automatically receive your rebate via mail or direct deposit. If you have questions regarding this new and improved process, reach out to Eric Young at or (803) 309-4134 and he will work with you to ensure you are on the program and expecting a rebate.

Pepsi Cola Sign-Up Form

Click Here for Downloadable Pepsi National Account Form (print and send via mail to NICA, 1043 E. Brandon Blvd. Brandon, FL or fax to (813) 803-8460, or to

Or you can use the Online Sign-Up Form Below:

Step 1. Download, fill out and sign the following W-9 Tax Form: Click Here to download the W-9 Tax Form

Step 2. Complete the form below, and upload your completed Tax Form by clicking the "Browse Files" button in the Upload Your Tax Forms Section below; then, choose your file to upload.

Step 3. Click Submit

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